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understanding Baptism

In January, we celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord. How much do you know about the United Methodist understanding of the sacrament? This is a perfect time to reflect on the meaning of our vow and this gift of grace.

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Moved to Praise

Human Relations Day

Baptism: God's Gift

“In baptism, we’re walking into God’s arms.” A video meditation reminds us of the beauty of this sacrament. Perfect for individuals or groups to view.

2018 Fan Favorites

We offered many ways to learn more about what it means to be United Methodist during the past year. In case you want to revisit stories or see some you missed, we have a wrap up of the best.

8 ways to spiritual new year
Many of us feel bad when we make and break resolutions quickly. But striving to be more spiritual is an ongoing practice and a decision you can re-make daily. A writer has some quick tips.

Love Well Youth

Entering the Passion

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