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The global church gathers February 23-26 in St. Louis for a Special Session of the General Conference. We have ideas for how you can be part of this important moment in UMC history and follow the news and live streaming.Thank you for subscribing to UM Now and inviting others to do the same.
Celebrate being United Methodist

Why do you love your church? Are you moved to worship or serve or build? In this video, church members talk about why they choose to be United Methodist.

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be a mission volunteer

Moved to Share

Education showcase

Black History

Which United Methodist was honored by the U.S. postal service? Who was the UMC's first African American bishop? Why February? In honor of Black History Month, we have new questions for you to try.

Church of Presidents

As the U.S. celebrates Presidents' Day, visit a United Methodist landmark that was the church home of past presidents and Supreme Court justices. Built with donations from leaders like Abe Lincoln, it's the National Church.

family devotional
Looking for ways to get your family talking about important topics? Try our new series of spiritual discussion starters. This one looks at how caring for others is a way of showing how much God loves us.
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Moved to Praise