How do you serve your church?

Receive announcements about grants, training and other services relevant to your job role from United Methodist Communications. All you need to do is confirm the name of the church in which you are serving, your current leadership role and your contact information. 

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Let’s get started!

  1. Enter your U.S. zip code in the search box and click "Search" (currently, only U.S. members, not clergy, serving in volunteer or committee roles are requested)
  2. Select your church name 
  3. Select the job role that best describes your leadership position (select a single primary one that most closely describes your role)
  4. Add your contact information and click "Update Job Role"
Thank you for updating your information!

We appreciate your time. Once these steps are complete, you’ll receive details about claiming a complimentary registration for the Digital Media for Ministry online training course

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